Linux at 23, Desktop Feedback, and GIMP 2.8.14 Released

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 27, 2014

The top story tonight is the releases of GIMP 2.8.12 and 2.8.14. Linux celebrated 23 years yesterday and the community had a bit to say about "the desktop." And finally tonight we have a couple of gaming announcements and Bruce Byfield on the KDE Visual Design Group.

GIMP 2.8.12 was released yesterday with "broken library versioning" and had to be quickly updated today to 2.8.14. Be sure to use 2.8.14. Several fixes were listed in the changelog such as " Fix brush sizes when used from plug-ins, Make XCF loading more robust against broken files," and "Remove the option to disable the warning when closing a modified image." Torrent downloads are preferred or just wait for your Linux distribution to package it up.

Linux turned 23 yesterday, August 25, and several folks remembered. The Register said Linus was celebrating by releasing Linux 3.17 rc-2. However, Linus was making headlines today for his comments on "the desktop." Matt Asay, if you'll recall, said folks should just give up on the Linux desktop despite Linus saying he'd like to see it improve. Well, folks around the community let their feeling be known too.

Christine Hall at is quite optimistic saying, "Linux is going to soon gain traction on the desktop." Robert Pogson said, "If you look at global web-stats for GNU/Linux desktops, you see steady growth in a declining or stagnant market for legacy PCs." Katherine Noyes takes a blog safari around Linuxville for more on this as well. Aaron Seigo had another installment in his "what is the desktop" series yesterday too.

In other news:

* KDE Visual Design Group

* Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 380

* The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Adventure Game Might Arrive on Linux

* Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma Hidden Object Game to Arrive on Steam for Linux Soon

* I Will Escape