Linux Bugs but Proprietary the Threat Says Shuttleworth

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 18, 2014

Linux security threats have been in the news lately but Mark Shuttleworth, of Ubuntu Linux fame, said we should be scared of proprietary systems like Windows and Mac. I'm not sure where the Chrome OS security patches story fits in, proprietary or open - oh, that's right, somewhere in-between, but ZDNet is reporting on that. The Register is running a story on Red Hat's unified security management system for upcoming Fedora 21. Jamie Watson has run more Linux tests on his latest laptop and another Indian state government is switching to Open Source.

Ostatic has been reporting on the rash of Linux bugs report getting wider coverage lately and this story is just the latest. However, no matter how many bugs they find in Linux, I still like my chances with it better than Mac or Windows. Apparently, Mark Shuttleworth agrees or wants you to agree and if you must use Linux, use Ubuntu. (I'm paraphrasing, of course.) Perhaps this ZDNet post on Chrome OS security patches is proof of what he says. Anyway, best get it from the horse's mouth.

Speaking of security, The Register is reporting on new Fedora 21 feature known as unified security management, subtitled One crypto policy to bind them all. This wiki post outlines the plan for "consistent security for all applications running under it, with the admin able to select pre-defined (but editable) security profiles." See the report at or the wiki pages for more.

The Hindu is reporting that "the Tamil Nadu government has advised all its departments to install free open source software BOSS Linux." They recommend BOSS Linux, which is the Bharat Operating System Solutions. They say it's customizable, more secure and economical than Windows and others, (of course).

And last but not least, Jamie Watson has tested Linux Mint Debian and full-blown Debian Stable on his new ASUS R513CL laptop and relays his experiences at his usual spot on ZDNet. He says of the laptop, "This is an exceptionally good laptop for Linux, probably the best I have looked at in quite some time. Absolutely everything in it works with Linux." See ">his report for all the details.