Linux Bugs, Cheese Quesadilla, and Ubuntu Looks

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 11, 2014

It was a bit slow today, but have no fear, I was able to find several interesting stories. First up is Ubuntu and OMG!Ubuntu! reports on the new Ubuntu theme. Katherine Noyes puts her ear to the tracks for this week's bug reports. And finally, Bryan Lunduke says "Linux is like a cheese quesadilla."

OMG! is running several stories today highlighting some of the new graphics for upcoming Ubuntu 14.04. They had a shot of the default wallpaper yesterday and featured the 11 community entries that will be included today. For real fans, they also reported on the new Unity lockscreen and borderless windows today as well. Bonus: 'Wil Wheaton "Not Crazy" About Direction Ubuntu Is Taking'.

There were several high-profile reports on large-scale bugs in popular software. Katherine Noyes routinely examines the community pulse on hot topics and this week she found that while some are seeing a nasty trend, others think it comes down to just more eyes looking over the code. One blogger summed it up nicely with, "Finding them can only be a good thing."

Only Bryan Lunduke could find a way, or even think to look, to compare Linux to a cheese quesadilla. He says, "Depending on what ingredients you add, you can take the base canvas (the Linux Kernel) and create something new. The differences between, say, Arch running KDE Plasma and Debian running GNOME is profound. In quesadilla terms, this would be like having a steak, onion and bell pepper quesadilla." Enjoy!