Broke, Another Bug, and Mint 17 Released

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 02, 2014

There's a lot of news to catch up on today in Linuxsphere. Our top story tonight is an email from the Linux Australia 2014 conference saying that despite a $40,000 funding shortage. In other news, the "son of heartbleed" has been announced and says you should be worried. Linux Mint 17 was released over the weekend and reviews OpenMandriva 2014.0. And finally tonight, LinuxInsider probes "TrueCrypt's Mysterious Vanishing Act."

In an email Sunday, Joshua Hesketh, President, Linux Australia, wrote, " 2014 books are nearly wrapped up after an excellent event in Perth. The conference is looking to have a final loss of approximately $40k." He said the committee found out a bit too late that they would be running a large deficit and are taking steps to avoid this type of issue in the future. Hesketh stressed that the conference would continue and continue in much the same manner in which folks are accustomed. The organization is sound as well, but some other events or activities may be cut.

A new security flaw is making the news today. The same folks that brought news of Heartbleed have found another flaw in Open Source software, this time in GnuTLS. While downplays the impact, says we should be worried because it targets "users of Android, Linux and corporate wireless networks. The exploit is particularly dangerous because of the lack of authentication or credentials needed for it to work."

Linux Mint 17 was released Saturday in its Cinnamon and MATE varieties. The announcements say 17 is a long term support release and can be had by visiting I'm waiting for the KDE version.

In other news, Katherine Noyes investigates TrueCrypt's Mysterious Vanishing Act and Jesse Smith reviews OpenMandriva 2014.0.