Call for Papers and Miniconfs

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 30, 2009

Although the next isn't until January, 2010, it's never too early to start planning. Conference organizers have put out a call for papers and miniconfs so if you've got an idea you want to share, now's the time to put together your proposals.

Past conferences have proven to be very popular with the FOSS community and draw speakers from all over the world, including Jon "maddog" Hall and Bdale Garbee. Linus Torvalds has even been known to make an appearance or two. Benjamin Mako Hill, is the first scheduled speaker slated to attend next year's event in Wellington, New Zealand.

The LCA2010 Papers Committee is accepting submissions until July 24, 2009 and final notifications will be made in early September. Interested speakers may choose from three types of propsals: a 45-minute presentation, and a short or long tutorial session. Available topics include:

* Kernel and system topics such as filesystems and embedded devices

* Networking topics such as peer to peer networking, or tuning a TCP/IP stack

* Desktop topics such as office and productivity applications, mobile devices, peripherals, crypto & security and viruses and other malware

* Server topics such as clusters and other supercomputers, databases and grid computing

* Systems administration topics such as maintaining large numbers of machines and disaster recovery

* Programming topics such as software engineering practices and test driven development

* Free Software and Free Culture topics, including licencing and Free and Open approaches outside software

* Free Software usage topics, including home, IT, education, manufacturing, research and government usage.

Proposals for miniconfs -- one-day conference streams dedicated to a specific topic or community -- will be received until July 17, 2009. Ideas will be judged their general interest to the FOSS community, as well as the submitter's ability to organize a miniconf and his or her level of expertise on the proposed topic.