Linux Foundation to Launch Free, Online Educational Q&As This Week

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 14, 2013

The Linux community has a long history of sharing educational resources, tips and tools, but much of this sharing is done on an ad-hoc basis online. In an effort to build new, structured and free opportunities for community members to learn about Linux, The Linux Foundation is launching a series of Live Linux Q&As on its social channels, starting this week, Wednesday, January 16, on Facebook. The Live Linux Q&As will rotate throughout several social channels, from Facebook to Google+ and Twitter to LinkedIn, "so you can connect when/where it makes the most sense for you," according to event organizers.

In a blog post, Jennifer Cloer writes:

"We'll be starting with one of's freelance contributors Carla Schroder. Carla is part of an amazing team of freelance writers who are Linux experts and who write useful stories and Linux tutorials to share with the community every week. She is also a self-taught system and network administrator."

"In the Live Linux Q&A on Facebook January 16, she'll be answering questions from the community about how to get started with Linux. Carla will be online from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT Wednesday, January 16, answering your questions about getting started with Linux, about distros, downloading and installing Linux, and more."

The foundation also points out some related upcoming Linux Training courses and a new tutorial: 

Training: Introduction to Linux
Tutorial: How to Get Started Using Linux

Tune in for the first of the Live Linux Q&As on Wednesday and get your questions answered.