Linux Foundation Welcomes credativ, Strengthens Presence in Europe

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 30, 2009

The Linux Foundation welcomed its newest member today, the European-based free and open source standards consulting firm, credativ. This new partnership is a particularly exciting one, thanks to credativ's presence in the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada, and its focus on creating and implementing standards.

Naturally, credativ's business -- providing consulting and support services to businesses using free and open source software -- means it will take an active role in the Linux Standard Base workgroup. Because credativ is one of Europe's largest employers of Debian developers, the company also plans to participate in the Desktop Linux workgroup.

Timing, it is said, is everything. This membership gives credativ a voice and a "hands-on" role in determining the future of open source standards -- and ultimately, its business -- but the benefits aren't one-sided. Many European countries are encouraging open source adoption, particularly in the public sector (most recently, France's national police force migrated from Windows to Linux, and the United Kingdom issued a 10-point action plan encouraging central and localized government agencies to use open source solutions where ever possible). Having input from Linux Foundation member organizations that aren't merely operating in these locations, but have conceived and nurtured successful businesses there, allows the Foundation to better serve the wider community, and continue its outreach.