Linux Foundation's Collaboration Summit Coming in April

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 08, 2012

The Linux Foundation, which has emerged as a true leader in encouraging technology companies, open source community members, developers and others to work together to brighten Linux's future, is holding its sixth annual Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in April. The event will take place at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco from April 3 to 5, and if you're able to make it, the roundup of speakers is particularly notable this time around.

Keynote speakers at the Collaboration Summit will include Facebook's Frank Frankovsky, Huawei's Timo Jokiaho, Intel's Imad Sousou and NYSE Technology's Feargal O'Sullivan. Among the keynote topics:

"-- Facebook's Frank Frankovsky will share an update on the Open Compute project and how openness and collaborative development are transforming the data center.

-- Huawei's Chief Technology Officer Timo Jokiaho will discuss how Linux is helping mobile carriers meet the data demands of consumers.

-- Feargal O'Sullivan heads up Global Alliances at NYSE Technology will talk about the OpenMAMA project, including how the company identified an opportunity to open source its messaging API technology, the process it underwent to do so, and why it chose The Linux Foundation to host it.

-- IBM's Gerrit Huizenga will give a reality check on the state of Linuux and the cloud in a presentation titled "The Clouds Are Coming: Are We Ready?

-- The exclusive Linux Kernel Panel this year is hosted by Linuyx Foundation Fellow and Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman and includes James Bottomley of Parallels, John Linville of Red Hat and Keith Packard of Intel."

Many members of significant technology companies, contributors to the Linux kernel and open source community members will be at the Collaboration Summit. We did a recap on last year's event here, noting that The Linux Foundation held a celebration of 20 years of Linux, ran contests, and much more. This year's summit will include specialized Linux training sessions as well.