Linux Kernel Song, Think Before Switching, and RH RC Ready

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 23, 2014

In today's Linux news, Paul McNamara is reporting that a band has released " its debut album as a Linux kernel module." is saying folks need to think long and hard before replacing XP with Linux. And, as promised, Red Hat 7 RC is ready for public consumption. In addition, reviews for Ubuntu's latest mixed.

Paul McNamara at is reporting that a band, calling themselves netcat, has released their debut album as a kernel module. Paraphrasing the band, McNamara says they did this just because they could. He said, "The album is called Cycles Per Instruction and the kernel module can be found on GitHub. Traditional digital versions and limited-edition cassettes can be had for $5 and $10, respectively."

J. Peter Bruzzese from said today to think hard before switching from XP to Linux. He declares, "Windows still rules the desktop" and "there is no legitimate reason to avoid Windows 7." He says folks would be completely lost and miss their favorite programs. He's gotten almost one hundred comments so far, I'm sure many aren't supportive of his theory.

As promised last week at the Red Hat Summit, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Release Candidate is available to the public for testing. For easier access, has some handy links to the images in Workstation, Server, and Client versions.

Today's bonus links include:

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* China developing Linux-based OS after Windows XP shutdown