Linux Mint Makes Money with Minty Merchandise

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 30, 2012

Linux Mint founder, Clement Lefebvre, has done an amazing job monitizing his Ubuntu offshoot. Not only does the project have sponsors in the business community who wish to assure Mint stays in production, but his monthly donations are impressive as well. Now Lefebvre has announced yet another partnership and the ribbon-cutting of his Minty fresh store.

The latest coup is a partnership with ThinkPenguin to sell computers with Linux Mint installed. ThinkPenguin sells several configurations and offer a choice of distributions - although it looks as though Ubuntu is default. However, according to Lefebvre, the Mint project will receive 10% of each sale with Mint installed.. Computers start at 299 USD.

To that end, Lefebvre also announced his new Linux Mint Store. It's not actually a real store though. It does feature products promoting or containing Linux Mint, but it sends you on the partner to actually seal the deal. Some of the items include, computer case stickers, disks and sticks with Mint, shirts, ThinkPenguin's computers, and, of course, the mintBox.