Linux Quiz, Another Poll, and Win-ning

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 13, 2016

Today in Linux news, FOSS Force is running a Linux history quiz - fun for the whole family. is running a poll wondering which Linux distribution you use and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols outlines "what's new and nifty in Linux 4.4."'s Galen Gruman said today that "Linux won without winning" and the community should celebrate. Jack Wallen said Ubuntu messed up when they dropped UbuntuOne while Ubuntu 16.04 is said to be the best Ubuntu in years. is wondering which distribution you use and today published a poll to find out. Their choices consist of nine popular distributions, Android, and Other. Right now Ubuntu is in the lead with 27% of the vote and Mint is second with 18%. Debian, Fedora, and Arch follow with Android barely registering. Folks are writing in for Other distros like Slackware, Elementary, and Sabayon. Go vote for your favorite at

If there's anything I like more than polls it's quizzes and today FOSS Force posted a new Linux history quiz. Questions range from who wrote the now famous Usenet post to who authored The Cathedral and the Bazaar to who penned the GPL. I scored sixteen out of eighteen, although one I know I knew but second guessed myself and picked the wrong response. Sixteen out of eighteen is still considered an "A" according to the quiz. Go see how well you know your Linux history.

Galen Gruman today said that Linux has won the OS wars without really winning. What he means is that although folks don't consciously pick Linux and many times aren't even aware they're using it, however they are still using Linux. Linux is behind many other operating systems, devices, and the Internet. Gruman summarized, "The fact is Linux makes it possible for developers to create OSes for all sorts of new things. That is cause enough for celebration by the Linux community, whether or not what the user sees is Linux itself."

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