Linux Tops on Web, AMD's Zeppelin,

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 03, 2016

Today in Linux news Netcraft reported that Linux is still the dominate operating system on the Internet. Linux powered eight out of the top 10 hosting sites in January 2016. Some hardware geeks learned of a new AMD processor from our kernel changelogs and Dell teased their new Linux laptop. This year's is in full swing and I love Free Software Day is quickly approaching.

Netcraft today reported on the most reliable hosting sites for January and found that Linux is starting 2016 the way it spent most of 2015 - dominating the web. Netcraft posted today that "Linux has once again dominated as the most commonly used operating system amongst the top ten hosting company websites." Two companies in the top 10 are using FreeBSD and SmallOS, but the other eight are using Linux. In fact, 30 of the top 40 are using Linux.

Some hardware aficionados noticed recently that a rumored new AMD processor is, in fact, in the works thanks to our kernel changelog. This new processor is believed to contain 32 physical cores and uses a new architecture that is 7 times faster than PCIe. The new HSA arch also eliminates PCIe latency and minimizes bottlenecks. The rumors began with a supposed leak last August, but that leaked slide was all there was until a few days ago when an AMD engineer submitted a patch for inclusion into the Linux kernel. The patch and resulting changelog have fueled new speculation (and enthusiasm) as to how powerful the new CPU will be, but best of all it confirms the rumored named to be Zeppelin.

The Geelong Advertiser today covered the 2016 taking place this week in Victoria, Australia saying 560 delegates have descended upon their fair city. The Advertiser didn't go into any technical details but noted their city is going to have to upgrade their conference center in order to have enough meeting space and high-end lodging for these conferences.

In other news:

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