Linux User Experience Levels

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 26, 2013

Sometimes I wonder about the experience level of all us Linux users. Are we mostly a collection of new users or are most Linux users hard core geeks? Well, much like the user-base of individual distros or even the ecosystem as a whole, pinning down the distribution of experience levels across Linux will never anything more than some kind of guess. Today, I'd like to venture another.

I've mentioned before, but it bears repeating that my crystal ball of choice is a good poll. What better way to find out what folks' experience level is that to just ask. I simply named the poll I'ma Linux: and offered various levels for tickable answers.

The Results So Far:

Those admitting to be a Newbie number 138 or 17% of respondents. Casual users numbered 70 or 9%. Those describing themselves as moderately experienced were 303 or the majority of participates at 37%.

Well experienced received 28% of the vote or 233. Those claiming Guru! status was 28 (or 3%). I had 38 professionals respond, which was 5% of voters.

Finally, nine people don't fit anywhere in there. I'm not sure what level I forgot to offer, but 1% chose none of above. I suppose they could be Windows, Mac, *BSD, and Android users.

While this non-scientific poll only surveyed the visitors to my little Website, I always hope and aspire to cater to the entire spectrum of users. But if the truth was to be somehow known, my site probably appeals to the very sectors that proved largest. A similar poll here on or any other Linux site might yield different results. However, there is a rough bell curve appearance to the results and actually came out pretty much as I thought it might.