Linux Users v Windows Users, Debian Mourns Another

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 28, 2016

The Debian project today shared the news of the passing of a long time contributor on September 17. In other news, the Linux Journal offered a free digital copy of their September 2016 magazine. Bruce Byfield compared Linux users to Windows users and My Linux Rig spoke to elementary OS founder Daniel Foré about his "Linux Setup."

Bruce Byfield said he has been observing computer users for 17 years and he's noticed some differences between Linux users and Windows users in attitude. He said Linux users are tinkerers and DIYers and despite the changes of late, it still holds. Linux users are comfortable using the commandline and are security conscious in contrast to Windows users. He said we've grown accustomed to a wide variety of software and, while aware of licensing, getting it for free. Byfield said it all adds up to the differing attitudes towards computing.

Speaking of free, the folks over at the Linux Journal just offered a digital copy of their September 2016 issue of the highly respected and long running Linux Journal magazine for free. The Linux Journal a great magazine for tinkerers and developers. This issue worked with firewalld, hard drive rescues, and the Martian Lander. Hurry though, it looks like a limited time offer.

The Debian project today posted of the passing of Kristoffer H. Rose on September 17 "after a long battle with myelo fibrosis." The posting said he'd been a contributor since "the very early days" and after a hiatus returned to attend DebConf15 in Heidelberg. His code and legacy will be in Debian for years to come.

My Linux Rig spoke to Daniel Foré, elementary OS founder and lead developer today about his Linux rig. He runs... take a guess... elementary OS (of course), the latest developer preview, with Pantheon on a MacBook Air. See the full interview for all the details and a screenshot.