LinuxQuestions Survey Results Surface Top Open Source Projects

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 04, 2015

Many people in the Linux community look forward to the always highly detailed and reliable results of the annual surveys from As Susan covered in detail in this post, this year's results, focused on what readers at the site deem to be the best open source projects, are now available. Most of the people at LinuxQuestions are expert-level users who are on the site to answer questions from newer Linux users.

In addition to the summary results that Susan provided in her post, below you'll find a graphical snapshot of what the experts took note of on the open source front.

You can get a very nice graphical summary of the findings from the LinuxQuestions survey here.  Here is a snapshot of the site's determination of the best Linux distributions, where Mint and Slackware fare quite well:

And below is a snapshot of the site's determination of the best cloud projects. Notably, the LinuxQuestions crowd gives very high praise to ownCloud. Definiitely check into the full results of the survey at the site, see Susan's summary of winners, and check out all the good graphics here.