Mageia 3 Delayed Again a Bit

by Ostatic Staff - May. 01, 2013

Fedo..uh, I mean, Mageia chairman, Anne Nicholas, today announced the final release date for Mageia 3 - again. Nicholas said they didn't want to say they'd release when ready for fear they'd sound a lot like Debian. Yet Mageia 3's release schedule is starting to look a whole lot like Fedora 18's.

Levity aside, Nicholas posted on the Mageia Blog today that blocker bugs are still buzzing around in the "installer, hardware detection and the installation media."  But she says not to worry, because "packagers and QA team are on the case."

Mageia 3 is to feature systemd, but the status page still reports 0% progress; as does Kill SysVinit. GRUB 2 is only at 90, thus Gfxboot isn't ready either. The Newbie Howto looks like it's been relegated to the back burner. Planners were hoping "UpdatesCanUseDependenciesFromOtherRepos" would be implemented prior to Mageia 3, but alas, it too sits on 0%. Now the /usr move is nearly done, although the status page hasn't been updated in a while. In fact, many of the status pages haven't been updated in at least several months, so in reality, these pieces may very well be further along. Nevertheless, Nicholas took the opportunity to point to Contribute to Mageia page. They could probably use some more help over there.

Mageia 3 Release Candidate arrived on April 21 and the new Final Release date has been set to May 18, a slip of over two weeks. Users might expect Linux 3.8.8, KDE 4.10.2, GNOME 3.6.3, and LibreOffice 4 in Mageia 3, but we'll have to wait for the final to see what else makes it.