Mageia 4 Alpha 3 Released for Testing

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 03, 2013

Anne Nicolas yesterday announced the latest and final alpha in the Mageia 4 developmental cycle. This release is focusing on the desktops and as such has included the latest in KDE and GNOME desktops on the disks as well as providing Mate and Cinnamon in repositories.

The Mageia Welcome screen is going make it in this time for sure. It's 60% complete and a demo RPM package is available as well as screenshots. It was supposed to be included in Alpha 2, and it's listed as included in 3. It's probably present in the installation media and possibly the DVD, it's not in the CD image. Unfortunately, that was the one I chose to test this time.

The Mageia Welcome Screen, as depicted at the wiki.

This release features Linux 3.11.2, Xorg X Server 1.14.3, GNOME 3.10, and KDE 4.11.1 (with 4.11.2 in repos). Work was done to installation RAID management, RPM has been updated to 4.11, and network devices are now named in the systemd specification. Mageia's appearance hasn't changed yet and probably won't until at least Beta 2 due on November 28 following artwork freeze. A release candidate is scheduled for December 17 and final release to the public is planned for February 1, 2014.

See the errata for issues effecting this release. The release notes contain a few more details and downloads are available at the usual location.