Mageia Needs Artists

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 08, 2011

There are some great artists in the midst of hackers, coders, and users here in Linuxville. We see their work everyday. From community wallpapers to application splashes in distros, we all enjoy their efforts.   And Mageia needs some of their help in their upcoming second release.

Let's face it. Mageia's default look for version 1 wasn't bad. The Ia Ora windec is attractive enough and the backgrounds and splash screens weren't bad. But "not bad" isn't beautiful. Attractive isn't gorgeous. We users want gorgeous.

Mageia's managers seem to want gorgeous too. The first release was all about getting the system working from developing to users' desktops, but now that most of that is in place the artwork team is getting ready for the next release. They say, "you can help us make Mageia’s mark on the world!"

They need help in all areas. "Revising and updating designs for the Mageia site, for the Wiki and for the special Mageia-ish things about our install; designing plymouth themes and icon sets; working on completing our colour palette, and designing things like posters, banners and other stuff for gatherings and when we have a stand at LinuxTag or wherever."

If you're an artist please consider volunteering your talent to help make Mageia beautiful. Interested parties can start at the artwork team Wiki or the referenced post.