Magical Mageia Review, Mint 17.3 Named Rosa

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 16, 2015

Today in Linux news, Mageia 5 showed well on reviewer Jesse Smith's AMD machine. My Linux Rig scored an interview with Jim Whitehurst about his Linux setup and Clem Lefebvre announced the next Mint will be named Rosa. Elsewhere, PCWorld compiled a slideshow of Linus Torvald's favorite tech pet peeves and Bradley Kuhn blogged on security issues using global email systems.

Jesse Smith reviewed Mageia 5 for this week's Distrowatch Weekly. He said the install was easy and the system stable, but multimedia support could be better. Smith also praised the Control Center and software manager, adding they would save new users lots of headaches. He also found the performance of Mageia to be good even in a virtual machine. He concluded that Mageia should be recommended to new users more than it is now.

You have one guess which operating system Jim Whitehurst uses on his main computer. The answer might not be as obvious as one may think, he could choose Red Hat or Fedora. However, the CEO of Red Hat uses Fedora 22 with GNOME on his Dell XPS 13. Thunderbird is his email app, Chrome his favorite browser, and LibreOffice his office suite of choice. Whitehurst even provided a screenshot of his tidy uncluttered desktop to My Linux Rig. In other Red Hat news, Micheal Larabel wrote, "Red Hat developers were responsible for 75.5% of the changes during GTK+ 3.18 and GLib 3.18 that accounted for 61.6% of the changed lines of code." Máirín Duffy posted mockups and design principles for the new Fedora developers' website in development.

In another one of his short but sweet posts today, Linux Mint founder and lead developer said the next release of Mint, the third and last in the 17.x branch, would be codenamed Rosa. Comments are supportive of the announcement with Clem adding 17.3 would continue to use KDE 4 and could be expected towards the end of November or possibly early December. He also said that Linux Mint 18 would be named Sarah, if plans pan out. Mint will move on to KDE/Plasma 5 for version 18 but would continue to use Xorg for the display server. The Mint 17.x branch is scheduled to be supported with security updates until 2019.

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