Mandriva 2011 Powerpack is Coming

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 20, 2011

With Mandriva's new management and focus and considering their last release versions, one might have wondered if Mandriva Powerpacks would continue to be offered. Well, it appears it will. Many previous purchasers received an email today saying as much.

In an email titled, "Mandriva Linux Powerpack survey," many previous Powerpack purchasers were asked to partipate in a short survey in order to "improve Mandriva Powerpack." The survey basically asks where and why you use Mandriva Powerpack, your favorite desktop, and what kinds of tasks do you do on your Mandriva Powerpack. I didn't fill in the survey myself because I haven't used Mandriva in years. I purchased one or two Powerpacks around 8.0 or so, but not for the extra goodies in them. It was to do my little part to help Mandrake stay afloat. That was almost 10 years ago. It's impressive that database of customers remained intact through all the changes.

The email stated that Powerpacks would be available in November, so mark your calendars and bookmark the Mandriva Store.