Mandriva Wallpaper Contest Winners Chosen

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 21, 2010

Mandriva was holding a contest for desktop background wallpapers to include in its next release, Mandriva 2010.2. This morning the winners were announced.

Ten wallpapers were chosen to be included with subjects ranging from landscapes to floral focus to cute animals. One is this lovely floral bed in soft contract to the pretty blue sky in the background, sent in by Tanner Helland:

pistetpat contributed this domesticated tabby cat seemingly stalking through a wooded area as if he was trying to channel his wild side:

Patrick.2 sent in this lonely beach setting with a large rock focus point. It looks like one of the beaches that will require a sweater:

This Puffin seems to be unconcerned with the world around him, sent in by sylvain.haye:

Sven Schumacher sent in this photo of cold snow-covered hillside. The bare trees give it a lonely or desolate feel, an emotion that sometimes accompanies winter.

See all the winners posted on the Mandriva Blog or watch for the release of Mandriva 2010.2 due out any day now.