Mandriva Will Not Abandon RPM 5

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 28, 2012

There have been some rumors floating around that Mandriva was going to abandon their transition to RPM 5, a fork of the original Red Hat Package Manager. Mandriva began moving to RPM 5 quite a while ago because it offers increased performance and added features. So today Per Øyvind Karlsen, Mandriva Project Leader, confirmed that Mandriva has no plans to abandon RPM 5.

In a blog post today, Per Øyvind Karlsen said he needed to set some rumors to rest. The first one has already been settled, but Karlsen confirmed there were no plans to remerge the Mandriva and Mageia projects.

Additionally, Karlsen also wishes to settle the ongoing discussion concerning RPM 5. He said "as the current project leader of Mandriva Linux and also as the main rpm developer for the distribution, I can safely put this rumour to rest right away." He's not sure where the rumor began, but Karlsen said he's very active in developing RPM 5 for Mandriva (and upstream) and he has no intentions of going back. He also said he knows for sure ROSA wouldn't abandon it either, since he also works for them as.

Finally, Karlsen says he hopes folks will starting coming up with more original and interesting FUD from now on. He wonders, "Why aren't anyone speaking about our recent endorsements from David Hasselhoff??"