Mandriva's Eugeni Dodonov Leaves Goodbye Gifts

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 26, 2011

As we all know, Eugeni Dodonov is leaving Mandriva. During his time as Mandriva he wore several hats and one of which was in the trenches coding some of Mandriva's handiest tools. He has updated and placed them in a github directory for any distribution to use.

Dodonov states these tools may use Mandriva graphical front-ends, but the underlying tools should work on any distribution. He thought that previously use by other distros may have been hampered by subversion repository access and availability. He adds, "I'll be still maintaining and developing them for the foreseeable future, but - as always - everyone is free to contribute, adapt and use them in the way you think the best."

Some of these include:

● msec - this is the tool Mandriva uses to set the security level, control file permissions, checks for system changes that might be due to a security breach, and such. Most regular users will have encountered msec when installing Mandriva / Mageia / PCLOS and were asked for their preferred security level: none, standard, or secure.

● netprofile - this allows users to set up different network profiles to use in varying conditions. This might be helpful for someone who uses their laptop at home and at school. It would be advantageous to have setting stored for each in their own profile to be selected as needed.

● net_monitor - Dodonov describes it best with, "A simple network monitor which, besides network traffic accounting, also allows you to monitor the wireless signal level, used ports statistics, and integrates itself into network scripts via ifup/ifdown-based plugins."

See Dodonov's post for more information and where to get the sources.

In related news, Mandriva 2011 RC2 is coming tomorrow.