MapR Delivers Free, On-Demand Hadoop Courses

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 28, 2015

When the topic turns to job market opportunities these days, hardly any technology trend is drawing more attention than Big Data. And, when talking Big Data, the subject of Hadoop inevitably comes up, as it remains the star open source framework for drawing insights from large data sets. Big tech companies like Yahoo and eBay use Hadoop extensively, but it's also used by smaller companies these days, and we've reported before that the job market is very healthy for people with Hadoop skills.

With its sights set on making Hadoop training for developers and administrators easy to complete, Hadoop distribution provider MapR Technologies has unveiled a free on-demand training program.  The multi-course training program includes interactive video lessons, exercises and quizzes that users can go through whenever they can, at their own pace.

As part of this training initiative, MapR has also arranged for the administration of certification exams by Innovative Exams, a leading certification and training proctoring company. Developers, data analysts and administrators who complete the appropriate coursework have the option of receiving full certification as a Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Data Analyst, and Hadoop Administrator. There is also a separate certification track for HBase Developers.

According to 451 Research, the market demand for Hadoop is expected to grow to $2.7 billion by 2018 and one of the key challenges for this growth is the lack of widespread Hadoop configuration and development skills.

“There is ongoing momentum propelling Hadoop as deployments continue to expand in scope and size,” said Matt Aslett, research director of data platforms and analytics, 451 Research. “Hadoop skills remain highly valuable to employers and we expect this new on-demand training initiative from MapR to be of tremendous interest to individuals looking to build new areas of expertise in managing and analyzing data.”

“We focused on making it easy for anyone to receive high-quality, comprehensive Hadoop training anywhere in the world,” said Dave Jespersen, vice president, worldwide services, MapR Technologies.  “This is a major contribution to the industry, addressing the primary concern around Hadoop skills development and raising the value for professionals who take these courses.”

In addition to initial free courses on Hadoop essentials and application development, further courses available later this quarter will include:

HBase Schema Design and Data Modeling

Developing HBase Applications

Hadoop Data Analysis with Apache Drill

Hadoop Data Analysis with Apache Hive

You can visit here to sign up immediately for the free On-Demand Training Program: