MapR Rolls Out Quick Start Migration Service

by Ostatic Staff - May. 19, 2016

MapR Technologies, focused on Hadoop, has been out with lots of interesting Big Data news recently, and we've interviewed folks from the company as well. The company is chipping away at some of the complexity challenges that surround using Hadoop, and its latest effort in this area is a simple migration service for its Hadoop distribution that targets what it bills as growing demand for moving Big Data tool installations to its converged data platform.

Its new Quick Start Migration Service maintains operation of the existing distribution while transitioning to MapR.  During the migration, MapR unique features around multi-tenancy, security, and application convergence can also be implemented.

“As organizations continue to gain experience with Hadoop, they increasingly look for technologies with the enterprise-grade features they need to deploy mission-critical applications,” said Dave Jespersen, vice president of worldwide services, MapR Technologies.  “With this in mind, we created the ‘easy button’ for moving to MapR. We want customers to be able to make the decision to migrate with confidence and use the platform that best fits their needs. The new Quick Start Migration Service is designed to enable enterprises to move their data with minimal impact to applications or workflows.”

According to the company:

"Customers across the board–from those with a single use case on a few nodes to those with large clusters of 100s of nodes–have migrated to MapR from other Hadoop distributions. As a result of moving to the MapR Platform, customers have achieved a three-year return on investment (ROI) of 382% and realized over $20 million in business benefits according to the results of third-party research by IDC."

"A large financial institution with an operational application involving HBase turned to MapR for its big data needs.  After one week of evaluation and SOW creation, the company successfully migrated from a competing Hadoop distribution to the MapR Platform and is now running multiple global real-time applications using fewer nodes and benefitting from increased performance."

 MapR also reports that a marketing automation company completed an end-to-end migration within a week from a competing Hadoop distribution to MapR.  

The new MapR Quick Start Migration Service is available today worldwide.  For more information, visit here.