MapR's Free Training Extends to Streaming Data Analytics Tools

by Ostatic Staff - May. 24, 2016

In recent months, MapR Technologies, which is primarily focused on Hadoop, has been out with some interesting announcements regarding free training in hot technology categories. We've also interviewed the company's leaders, and they have noted that there is a serious lack of job candidates with advanced Hadoop and data analytics skills. MapR has also been attracting tens of thousands of people to its free training offerings.

If you're focused on streaming data and/or the Internet of Things (IoT), you may want to take note of MapR's free On-Demand Training program in this area. You can get up to speed with Apache Kafka, Drill, Spark and more tools.

“Companies interested in Apache Kafka will immediately see the value of our growing library of free on-demand training courses that focus on data-in-motion for real-time analytics and IoT applications,” said Suzanne Ferry, vice president of global education and training, MapR Technologies. “MapR Academy has created these new courses to deliver best-in-class professional training on critical big data technologies like Kafka and MapR Streams to both development and IT operations teams.” 

Last year, when we interviewed Eucalyptus founder Rich Wolski, he noted that streaming data would become a big topic. He said: 

"Certainly, cloud platforms including Eucalyptus, OpenStack and CloudStack remain interesting, but some of the most compelling work is going on above and around them. Hadoop and Spark remain very interesting, and there are lots of integration tools surrounding them.  There are also a lot of interesting tools that can be compared to or improve on MapReduce.”

“I think there are good questions to ask about MapReduce, and there are good questions to ask about what is referred to as ‘batch’ processing. Hadoop takes a large, stable set of data and runs calculations over it, and that’s not going away. The need to do that is not necessarily replaced by streaming or anything else.”    

“But I think the question for the Hadoop community is whether that’s the right model or whether they want to go with other ways to do things, such as leveraging a graph. There are ways to do the computation and analytics that are graphical, that use a different kind of internal representation that basically leverages a mathematical graph. Some people in the analytics community may get a lot out of these.”

“Lots of people don’t really know yet exactly what they can do with a streaming, distributed analytics model. People haven’t worked out the precise way to reason about what you’re getting with the streaming model. Enterprises will ask about how reliable these are.” 

 Indeed streaming data analytics has become a giant theme. 

The free curriculum from MapR based on stream processing, includes:

DEV 350 - Streams Essentials training provides developers a broad understanding of the core concepts behind stream processing and prepares them to begin using MapR Streams. Sample topics include MapR Streams overview, use cases, Streams architecture, core components, and summary of “life of a message.

DEV 351 - Streams Development training gives developers the core concepts necessary to build simple MapR Streams applications as well as a basic framework for building and configuring Stream Processing applications. Sample topics include creating a stream, developing/configuring stream producers and consumers, describing properties, and options for producers and consumers.

 You can visit here to see the full list of courses, certifications and to sign up for free classes.