Max Out Your Video, Graphics, and Audio Arsenal

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 01, 2010

If you think back to what you were doing digitally 10 years ago, and then think about what you're doing today, odds are that you work with video, graphics and audio much more than you ever did before. Within the world of open source, there are not only outstanding free applications that can improve your experience in these areas, but there are many free guides and tutorials to get you going with them. In this post, you'll find a huge number of resources for pumping up your multimedia muscles. Spend some time with these, and you'll collect some rich dividends.

12 Tools and Collections For Greater Graphical Clout. Some of the open source tools for working with graphics, such as GIMP, are outstandingly advanced and robust. In other cases, the applications are focused on single tasks, but do them well. You'll find a sampling of the best tools in this post.

Over 45 Essential Open Source Resources. This post, in different incarnations as the collection within it has grown over time, has been one of the most popular here on OStatic.  You'll find a bushel of tools in it for working with multimedia, graphics and more--including free books and tutorials.

The Audacity of Open Source Audio. In this post, Kristin discusses the great open source audio application Audacity, which is used for many podcasts and professional audio offerings. Also on the audio front, check out our collection of eight free digital music tools--many of them surprises.

FLOSS Manuals Gives You A Free Education. At OStatic, we're big fans of FLOSS Manuals, an effort to gather free, online documentation and tutorials for many kinds of open source platforms and applications.  Quite a few of the free guides that you'll find at the site are dedicated to working with video, audio and graphics. Look into these to add to the tools available to you, and your knowledge of them.

8 Free, Open Source Tools for Video Playback and Encoding. Video has truly arrived online, where it was once kludgey and unworkable. There are many media players, editing tools and encoding tools worth knowing about from the open source world. Here are eight great examples.

 Image courtesy of Big Buck Bunny.