Memory Lane, Cooking w/ Linux, Red Hat's New Digs

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 16, 2016

Earlier this year a Red Hat logo was spotted at 300 A Street in Boston sparking rumors of an expansion. Well, today it was confirmed. In other news, Gary "the Everyday Linux User" walked us down memory lane with a glance back at distributions that graced the top 10 at Marcel Gagne has put "Cooking With Linux" on YouTube and another project has jumped the GNU ship.

Red Hat is expanding into historic downtown Boston where the likes of GE are also (to be) headquartered. The new office space consists of about 45,000 square feet and faces the Boston harbor. It has on-site security guard and plenty of storage. A version of the Red Hat logo was photographed flying over the entrance last April sparking rumors of an expansion that Red Hat spokespersons sort of denied. The new office is expected to open next Spring and employ approximately 150 new people. Red Hat already has a presence in Westford, Massachusetts employing approximately 550. Red Hat currently has over 9,000 employees worldwide.

Last July Nano left the GNU project because new maintainer Benno Schulenberg declined to sign GNU's maintainership agreement giving copyright to the FSF. Now Libreboot is outta there. This time the lead became infuriated because she said a friend was fired from the Free Software Foundation for being transgendered. She said, "I'm declaring here and now to the whole world that Libreboot is no longer part of the GNU project. I hereby denounce both GNU and FSF." Rowe was so mad she couldn't even answer empathetic replies, instead reiterating expletives. No substantiating documentation was provided nor was the name of the fired individual. Rowe said her friend was being bullied then accused of causing the resulting trouble.

Marcel Gagne is a writer and blogger probably most famous for his "Cooking With Linux" books. He's now added a new experience to his endeavors with "Cooking With Linux v 2.0, the YouTube Edition." He'll be posting howtos and tutorial videos to but his first episode covers Windows 10 with its "subsystem for Linux." Took the wind right out of my sails. Well, I'll look forward to episode 2. He said, "Once you're done watching this video, you might truly believe that yes, Microsoft really loves Linux."

Gary Newell today looked at the distributions that solidified their legacies by earning positions in the top 10 in's Page Hit Rankings. He covered 28 distros, some I'd almost forgotten about. One he found little on was Sorcerer. I'd almost forgotten about Sorcerer. It was similar to Gentoo in that it was a source-based distribution and its package management, grimoire, featured terms like cast and dispel. It fell out of development and derivative Source Mage didn't last long either. I tried them both and neither worked as well as Gentoo at the time. Others I'd nearly forgotten were Xandros, Lycoris, and Dream Linux. See Newell's full article for more and see the latest review on his blog.