Microsoft Linux, Fedora 23 Beta a GO

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 18, 2015

Microsoft has used Unix-type code before, but today The Register reported that they're admitting it. Their Azure Cloud Switch is "built on Linux." Here in Linuxville, Fedora 23 Beta is GO for September 22 and Red Hat's was hacked. Neel V. Patel looks at why Linux "remains unrivaled" and rumor has it popular horror game Alien: Isolation is coming to Linux.

Microsoft Linux has long been the subject of April Fools' jokes in Linuxland for as long as I can remember and in subsequent years it was discovered that Redmond built their networking stack using BSD. However today, Kamala Subramanian, Microsoft Azure architect, said, "The Azure Cloud Switch (ACS) is our foray into building our own software for running network devices like switches. It is a cross-platform modular operating system for data center networking built on Linux." The Register noted that the post goes into detail about the Azure Cloud Switch but neglects to say why they chose Linux and concluded, "Satya Nadella's Microsoft is a very different animal, unafraid to use any technology if it gets the job done. But Microsoft building a Linux? Wow. Just wow." It wasn't that long ago Microsoft characterized Linux folk as communists and Linux as a cancer. Yep, wow.

Fedora 23 Beta is GOLD and a Go for September 22 said Jan Kurik this evening on the Fedora development announce mailing list. After a bit of frivolity over Adam Williamson's tardiness, the members got down to business. After discussing the blocker situation, it was determined that the few proposed blockers have been addressed or will be by release day. There were issues discussed, but none will be allowed to hold up the release. In the end, Jan Kurik declared, "Beta release of Fedora 23 is considered as GOLD." today reported that the Linux rifle said to be defunct, has restructured and relaunched. Back in May Arstechnica reported that TrackingPoint had stopped taking orders and laid off employees. All thought the Linux rifle was no more. However, "this past Tuesday, TrackingPoint emerged from what it calls a period of 'restructuring' and is once again taking orders." They will feature four main products: "a large bolt-action rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, and three AR-15 carbines, chambered in 5.56mm NATO, 7.62mm NATO, and .300 AAC Blackout." They're not completely out of the woods, but new CEO says they know what the problem was and they've taken steps to correct them.

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