Mint 18 Teaser, Slack 14.2 Almost Here, New Learning Site

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 03, 2016

Today in Linux news Clement Lefebvre teased the release of Linux Mint 18 Beta for next week in May's Mint Monthly News. Elsewhere, Patrick Volkerding said 14.2 is getting very close and C. Mitchell Shaw wrote Microsoft is pushing its users to Mac and Linux - 14 million of them. A new Linux learning Website has gone live and TechRadar published "How to fix any Linux problem." And that's not all.

A new set of updates hit Slackware-current today and Patrick Volkerding, Slackware founder and lead everything, said these could be the last ones before stable. Today's bunch included a new kernel upgrade to version 4.4.12, XScreenSaver rebuilt to address a bug, ImageMagick upgraded to 6.9.4, HarfBuzz 1.2.7, and libnftnl 1.0.6. "This could be the last batch of updates before 14.2 stable, so please test!"

Clement Lefebvre mentioned upcoming Linux Mint 18 in the Monthly News today. In a short but sweet statement Lefebvre said, "The ISO images are getting close to passing QA (quality testing) so we could see a BETA release early this month. Linux Mint 18 is just around the corner. I hope you'll enjoy it." The ISOs will arrive first, as usual, and the upgrade paths will arrive a bit later according to Lefebvre.

C. Mitchell Shaw for the New American today said that Microsoft is pushing its users to Mac and Linux according to He ran through the nightmare nagging to which users have been subjected and shared an anecdotal example or two before the reveal. Shaw said Microsoft has lost over 14 million users since the introduction of Windows 10 and that was before yesterday's news of all choice being removed.

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