Mint Team Rushes out 14.1 Update

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 30, 2012

The Linux Mint team today announced an update to the recently released 14.0 "Nadia." There were a few showstoppers that squeaked by quality control that needed to be addressed. Fortunately, current users of 14.0 can just run the updater.

14.1 was released today due to several issues. One of the more serious was a "race condition between Plymouth and Xorg and affected owners of Intel cards in particular. Rather than using the "intel" driver, Xorg was randomly using "modesetting" or "fbdev" and the desktop was rendered by the CPU rather than the GPU using LLVMPIPE software rendering."

Another that may be effecting some potential users was an installer issue. It didn't install grub-efi which is needed for those UEFI Secure Boot machines. The last issue mentioned was no Internet connection with virtual machines due to no DNS resolution. The update uses OpenDNS as a fallback allowing such installs to connect.

For fresh installs all links and documentation have been updated, so you can download your copy at All others are urged to just run their updates.