Mirantis Delivers its Latest OpenStack Distribution

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 01, 2016

Mirantis is out with version 8 of its OpenStack distribution, wrapping in the OpenStack Liberty release. The company says this release is the most stable OpenStack distribution available and it sought much feedback from large customers in building this release. The company has also announced that 26,000 unique users across 3,500 development teams globally are using its distribution now.

For the new release, Mirantis claims it incorporated customer feedback from the world's largest OpenStack users on every continent including AT&T, Comcast, eBay, Saudi Telecom, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Telstra, Wells Fargo and other Global 2000 enterprises in the financial, Web/SaaS and telecommunications sectors across nearly 1,500 OpenStack environments.

"With Gartner and Forrester finally taking a cautiously optimistic stance on OpenStack, we are confident that stability and scalability of Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 will serve as a further proof point for that optimism," said Boris Renski, co-founder and CMO of Mirantis. "We are particularly happy with the ecosystem uptake of our OpenStack installer -- Fuel. Nearly 100 plug-ins have been authored by third party vendors since Fuel became a part of OpenStack Big Tent in November."

When we interviewed Boris Renski previously, he added: 

 "With Fuel plug-ins our partner vendors can now get Mirantis OpenStack to run with their storage and networking out-of-the-box. The big problem with a complicated piece of software like OpenStack is installation and management. Every vendor in the infrastructure space wants to have an OpenStack story. But you don't quite get this story, until you enable your customers to deploy and scale OpenStack with ease. Just writing an OpenStack driver is not enough because you have to then manually configure it.  Few operations people can do this successfully (which is why we have a huge education business at Mirantis training people how to use OpenStack). With installer plug-ins for Fuel, now any storage or networking vendor can get that complete OpenStack story. Fuel effectively becomes an InstallShield for OpenStack. And because Fuel is completely open and free, you don't even have to tie yourself to Mirantis OpenStack. You can write a Fuel plug-in and tinker with Fuel to get it to deploy your own OpenStack distro."

One hundred seventy-one Fuel plug-ins have been written by third-party vendors and developers to date. Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 has a new component registry that gives more contextual help and visual cues about which OpenStack components are interoperable, making it easier than ever to manage infrastructure resources. 

Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 is based on OpenStack Liberty, the 12th release of OpenStack. Unlike other OpenStack vendors, Mirantis doesn't ship SDN, storage or virtualization platforms with its distribution. Instead, at the heart of Mirantis OpenStack is an infrastructure controller that makes it possible to orchestrate a wide range of virtualization, storage, and networking platforms of the customer's choosing. In addition, Mirantis was the No. 2 contributor by reviews and the No. 1 bug fixer for the Liberty release.

 You can get a complete list of features and improvements in Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 here: https://www.mirantis.com/products/mirantis-openstack-software/what-is-new-in-8-0/