Mirantis Delivers Version 5.0 of its OpenStack Distribution

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 05, 2014

Mirantis, which continues to double down its bets on the OpenStack cloud platform, has announced the availability of Version 5.0 of its own OpenStack distribution. The news comes directly on the heels of Mirantis' announcement that it has teamed with Canonical to offer private cloud solutions based on Mirantis OpenStack and Ubuntu.

Mirantis OpenStack 5.0 is updated with the latest OpenStack release, Icehouse, and offers interoperability between VMware and OpenStack environments. 

Fuel, the open source deployment and management tool for OpenStack, is integrated in Mirantis' 5.0 release, and provides a GUI-driven experience that allows for simplified administrative changes to an OpenStack cloud. Fuel also uses Docker technology to purportedly make the control plane itself more maintainable. 

"We're witnessing unprecedented demand for OpenStack by organizations large and small as more and more enterprises embrace private clouds and adopt OpenStack as their preferred platform," said Adrian Ionel, CEO of Mirantis, in a statement. "With Mirantis OpenStack 5.0, we are offering customers a future-proof solution for OpenStack, along with key new features that help make OpenStack robust enough to support mission-critical workloads."

Many organizations using VMware vCenter Server environments build around KVM, but they can deploy and control workloads that run directly on VMware vSphere in their VMware vCenter Server clusters directly from Mirantis OpenStack, as an alternative to KVM.

"Our partnership with Mirantis is an example of how VMware promotes customer choice, giving organizations many options for how to build a cloud that includes compute, network, storage or management technologies from VMware," said Dan Wendlandt, director of product management at VMware, in a statement. "Mirantis' impressive track-record with OpenStack, combined with Mirantis OpenStack 5.0 interoperability with VMware vCenter Server, provides customers with a proven combination to implement OpenStack cloud APIs on top of VMware's enterprise-grade infrastructure."

In addition to its upgrade and integration features, according to the announcement, Mirantis OpenStack 5.0 also includes:

The Murano application catalog, an OpenStack project in Stackforge which provides vending-machine style deployment of application workloads, combining PaaS and IaaS functionality within a single console.

Point-and-click deployment of Sahara, the project that provides elastic deployment of Hadoop projects on an OpenStack cluster.

Improved scalability for Ceilometer, the OpenStack monitoring and billing project, providing a highly-scalable data store for its telemetry data in a MongoDB repository.

 Earlier this week, Mirantis and Canonical announced a joint collaboration to offer private cloud solutions based on Mirantis OpenStack and Ubuntu. The two companies plan to invest in continuously testing compatibility between Mirantis OpenStack and Ubuntu to ensure that the Mirantis OpenStack distribution works seamlessly with Ubuntu.