Mirantis Doubles Down on Kubernetes, Cloud Management with Acquisition

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 16, 2016

Mirantis, focused on OpenStack, announced an initiative in February of last year that would integrate Kubernetes with OpenStack, letting developers deploy containers on OpenStack in what the company claimed took only minutes. Since then, Kubernetes' star has risen and containers are all the rage.

Against that backdrop, Mirantis has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire TCP Cloud. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, TCP Cloud employs 30 people and specializes in managed services for OpenStack, OpenContrail and Kubernetes. The acquisition will support Mirantis’ initiative with Google and Intel to enable OpenStack on Kubernetes by equipping Mirantis to continuously deliver OpenStack to customer datacenters. According to Mirantis, the combined entity will solve the problem of upgrades, which is one of the primary burdens of on-premises infrastructure.

"The model for delivering infrastructure employed by traditional vendors is fundamentally misaligned with modern software development patterns. Disruptors of the digital era push new code to production multiple times a day, while traditional enterprise vendors ship infrastructure as packaged software once every few years and require forklift upgrades,” said Alex Freedland, Mirantis CEO. “Mirantis empowers enterprises to embrace the new, continuously delivered infrastructure model on their terms. TCP Cloud’s technology and expertise helps us accelerate that vision."

“Our development work with Google to combine the power of Kubernetes with Mirantis OpenStack makes it easy for developers to manage Docker containers at scale,” said Mirantis' then CEO Adrian Ionel last year. “Kubernetes automates the management of Docker containers, while OpenStack automates the configuration and deployment of infrastructure resources on which those containers run. By using the two technologies together, developers can focus on creating software because their underlying infrastructure just works.”

As The Register notes:

"Mirantis has bought a Kubernetes master to fulfil its common goal with Intel and Google: to wrap up OpenStack for microservices....MK.20 uses a design pattern employed by AWS, Google Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure to maintain their clouds. It tackles the problem of deploying and managing upgrades when using OpenStack as a microservice via Google’s Kubernetes."

"The integration of OpenStack and Kubernetes simplifies deployment and expands enterprise cloud capability," said Jonathan Donaldson, vice president of Software Defined Infrastructure at Intel. "Mirantis’ acquisition of TCP Cloud provides a major step forward towards our joint goal of delivering this breakthrough open SDI stack to the market."

You can learn more about learn more about the integration of OpenStack and Kubernets at Mirantis’ blog post or Google’s blog post. More on the TCP Cloud acquisition is found here