Mirantis Open Sources Its Fuel Component Library for OpenStack

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 25, 2013

As we've reported several times, Mirantis, which is well-known to numerous technology titans as a consulting firm that knows its way around the OpenStack cloud computing platform, is gaining prominence in the cloud computing world. Now, Mirantis has open sourced its own library of configuration and deployment tools for OpenStack under an Apache 2.0 license. The library is called Fuel, and should be of interest to many people doing cloud deployments.

According to Miranits:

"Fuel is the Ultimate Do-it-Yourself Kit for OpenStack. Purpose built to assimilate the hard-won experience of our services team, it contains the tooling, information, and support you need to accelerate time to production with OpenStack cloud."

The Fuel tools come with complete documentation and a step-by-step deployment guide. There is also guidance available on matching the tools with the right hardware configurations. There are also many scripts and components that can help integrate OpenStack with existing platforms.

Mirantis is an active contributor to OpenStack and has customers including AT&T, PayPal and The Gap working with it on OpenStack deployments. Also recently, Mirantis announced that it is commencing its second year of OpenStack Boot Camp training. This program is a good chance to learn about OpenStack from experts.

Note that Fuel is not a dedicated distribution of OpenStack. Rather, it consists of tools that help integrate the major OpenStack distributions with your platforms already in place. You can learn much more about Fuel here.