Moodlerooms Brings Google Apps for Education to Moodle

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 26, 2009

Last week, Moodlerooms announced that it had teamed with Google to integrate the Google Apps for Education service into Moodle.

This allows students and faculty using the open source Moodle learning platform to access all of Google's educational tools and applications, as well as the Moodle system, with a single sign on. Even more significantly, it simplifies managing and maintaining network collaboration tools, and allows students to access the system and get working on any computer that has a browser.

Currently, two organizations are testing the Google integration before an official, wider release is available. The two programs testing the integration each have a unique focus: one program is concentrating on building literacy skills by encouraging new readers to use email and collaborate on documents, while the other is using the combined platform to make internal communication and collaboration easier for faculty and staff.

Google contributed funding and guidelines to Moodlerooms for this project, while Moodlerooms wrote the code that enables Moodle and the Google Apps to interact smoothly.