More Android Apps Arriving for Chrome OS and Chromebooks

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 02, 2014

Just a few years ago, before Android marched to its dominant position in the mobile market, there was much speculation that Google might merge Chrome OS and Android. Early last year, I wrote a post on why that won't happen.

However, an interesting corollary trend is now appearing. Following an initial round of Android apps that can run on Chrome OS, more and more are arriving. The news was announced on a Chrome G+ page, bringing the total number of apps available across Chrome and Android to more than 40.

When Google announced that it would bring Android apps to Chrome OS, it was clear that Chromebook users would start getting much more choice when reaching for apps.

Some makers of Android apps have even confirmed that the best versions of their creations will run on Chrome OS. For example, here is a post from the Evernote blog:

"Whenever we see a major new platform on the horizon, we set a goal for ourselves: make sure Evernote is available on day one. This week’s launch of Google’s Chrome OS store was just that kind of opportunity."

"Evernote for Android is a full-featured app that was designed for a wide variety devices, screens and form-factors. For Chrome OS, we’ve adapted the app to work with a keyboard and mouse. You get the full desktop Evernote experience on a flexible, affordable device. We think it’s tremendous and we can’t wait to see how the Chrome OS market develops around the world."

Vine, Duolingo and Sight Words are other Android apps arriving for use with Chrome OS, and the Google Blog has noted the following:

 "These first apps are the result of a project called the App Runtime for Chrome (Beta), which we announced earlier this summer at Google I/O. Over the coming months, we’ll be working with a select group of Android developers to add more of your favorite apps so you’ll have a more seamless experience across your Android phone and Chromebook."

"In the meantime, please tell us which of your favorite Android apps you’d like to see on your Chromebook."

So which Android apps are new to arrive for Chrome OS? You can reach for Cookpad Recipes, Couchsurfing, and OverDrive, among others.

Google has pledged to bring many more of these apps to Chrome OS. If a Chromebook is on your gift wish list this holiday season, make sure to load yours with some of the better Android apps for it.