More on Mint, Email Clients, and Weather Apps

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 16, 2014

Today in Linux news are more reviews and announcements for Linux Mint. Charles-H. Schulz ponders the email client. Jun Auza looks at weather applications and Katherine Noyes asks if Linux lacks that one killer app.

Linux Mint grabbed several headlines today starting with Jesse Smith's initial thoughts in today's Distrowatch Weekly. He concludes, 'I hesitate to use terms such as "just works" or "flawless", but Linux Mint 17 is probably as close to "just works" as a desktop distribution can get.' also reviews Mint 17 Cinnamon under NVIDIA today. He said the installation went "without a hitch," the tools are great, and he especially loved the desktop. He concludes, "Qiana works beautifully. It is a highly pleasing product visually, it is fast and robust, it comes with a rich arsenal of programs. What's not to love?"

In other Mint news, Linux Mint 17 Xfce RC has been released. This follows last Thursday's announcement that Linux Mint 17 KDE RC was released. Mint 17 KDE RC ships with Linux 3.13, GCC 4.8.2, X.Org X Server 1.15.1, and KDE 4.13.0. Firefox 30 and LibreOffice are among the software. These release candidates are nearing release quality and we can probably expect announcements any time.

Charles H. Schulz, probably best known for his work with Open/LibreOffice and Mandriva, yesterday looked at the few email client choices Linux users actually have. Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution, and Claws are among the topics, so see his full post for a run down of these and more. today posted of the best weather applications for Linux. I'm always on the lookout for weather apps and applets and today Jun Auza looked at a GNOME weather extention, Ubuntu Weather Indicator, and Stormcloud among others. I've been using this Yahoo! weather applet recently and like it quite a bit.

Katherine Noyes today asked, "Does Linux Lack a Killer App?" She found that opinions varied and one prevailing thought emerged, it depends on the person answering. Go see what Noyes found on her latest Linux Blog Safari.

In other news:

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