More on Munich, Linux Coming Out

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 27, 2015

Last week's news of Munich considering a switch back to Windows has been clarified or rebuked today. Reports from DebConf15 refute the claims from certain city councillors complaining about the Ubuntu-based Linux. Nick Heath and Robert Pogson weigh in. Jack M. Germain chimed in today on his look at the life and times of Linux saying, "In honor of Linux's two dozen years of giving, LinuxInsider brings some gifts of praise to the party." Elsewhere, Red Hat was included in Forbes' Most Innovative Companies roundup this year.

Nick Heath updated his coverage of the Munich city council members letter to the mayor requesting a change back to Microsoft. Said councillors stated that Linux was too hard and folks couldn't find the software to do the simplest of tasks. Well, everyone reading of this knew that couldn't be entirely right and today Heath reported, "the bulk of users have not taken issue with the move." He quoted Munich IT developer, Jan-Marek Glogowski, at DebConf15 saying, "Most people don't really realize that they have Linux and they do not really care, they want to do their stuff." That's not to say there aren't issues and growing pains, primarily keeping up with hardware support with LTS Ubuntu-base, but plans are to keep forging ahead. Robert Pogson linked to the actual video from DebConf15.

Raleigh's own Triangle Business Journal reported on Red Hat's inclusion in Forbes' latest list of The World's Most Innovative Companies. According to the Triangle, Red Hat came in 26 in a list of 100. 'The companies are ranked based on their "innovation premium," as measured by the difference between their market capitalization and a net present value.' Tesla Motors earned the top spot.

Jack Germain is a bit late with his "gifts of praise" of the Linux kernel, but it's a good one. He looks at all the places Linux is now running and quotes folks saying it changed the world. He even called it a "desktop savior" at one point. Anywho, it's a nice read.