Mozilla CEO Oops, Ubuntu 14.04 Beta, and a GNOME Review

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 28, 2014

There didn't seem to be as much variety in the news today but there were plenty of articles about Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich's donation in support of California's Prop. 8. Ubuntu 14.04 Beta was released and OMG!Ubuntu! has a What's New. Red Hat stock took a bit of hit today and is reporting oversold conditions. And finally today, Jack Wallen has a look-see at GNOME 3.10 stable in light of yesterday's GNOME 3.12 release.

There's been a bit of a dust-up over Mozilla co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich donation to support California's Prop 8. Eich has expressed regret for his 2008 donation but now "high profile employees" and users are asking for his resignation. Website The New Civil Rights Movement is reporting that some are even boycotting the Open Source browser in protest too.

In a more upbeat story, Ubuntu 14.04 Beta was released today and OMG!Ubuntu! says "This Is What’s New." Some of the things they highlight include Honing & Polishing, Application Menu Options, and Minimise on Click. See their full story for more on all the new and improved features.

Two updates to some of last night stories appeared this evening. Jack Wallen published his review of GNOME 3.10 inspired by yesterdays GNOME 3.12 release.  He began, "My initial impression of GNOME 3.10 is what I'd imagine Ubuntu Unity would be if Canonical opened up the floodgates of configuration and allowed users to make Unity exactly how they wanted." About GNOME itself he said, "The difference between earlier releases of GNOME Shell and 3.10 (actually 3.9.90) are pretty amazing." See his full review for more.

Today's bonus link is this piece reporting Oversold Conditions For Red Hat. says Red Hat stock fell 7% after the report was released.