Mozilla Extends its MOSS Program, Providing Funding for Open Source Projects

by Ostatic Staff - May. 16, 2016

Last year, Mozilla launched the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS) – an award program specifically focused on supporting open source and free software. As The VAR Guy notes: "The Mozilla Foundation has long injected money into the open source ecosystem through partnerships with other projects and grants. But it formalized that mission last year by launching MOSS, which originally focused on supporting open source projects that directly complement or help form the basis for Mozilla's own products."

Mozilla isn't alone in funding open source development outside its own purview. The Linux Foundation and other organizations are well known for providing such funding. Mozilla is now spreading its MOSS effort even wider, though. It is adding a second track for MOSS called “Mission Partners” which is open to any open source project in the world which is undertaking an activity that meaningfully furthers Mozilla’s mission.

According to Mozilla:

"If you think your project qualifies, we encourage you to apply. Applications for the Mission Partners track are open as of today. (Applications for Foundational Technology also remain open.) You can read more about our selection criteria and committee on the wiki. The budget for this track for 2016 is approximately US$1.25 million.

We are keen to enable applications from groups not currently connected with Mozilla and from communities outside the English-speaking free software world. Therefore, applications for Mission Partners do not require a Mozillian to support them. Instead, they must be endorsed by a well-known and respected figure from the wider software community of which the project is a part.

The deadline for applications for the initial batch of Mission Partners awards is Tuesday, May 31 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. The first awardees will be announced at the Mozilla All Hands in London in the middle of June. After that time, applications will continue to be accepted and will be considered on an ongoing basis."

If you want to be kept informed of updates to the MOSS program, you can join Mozilla's discussion forum and read updates on the Mozilla blog