Mozilla Names Winner in Home Tab Design Challenge

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 19, 2010

A browser's home tab means different things to different people. Some want news and information, while others want to be greeted with a new photo every time they open a new browser window.

Mozilla takes home tab design seriously and put out a call recently for designers to submit their ideas for what the new Firefox 4 home tab should look like. Winners were announced this week.

Yatrik Solanki got the nod for Best in Class: Design. His entry was deemed "the solution that has the most visually expressive concept. Solanki says “Identities, a website launcher, browsing sessions, and a task-oriented ultrasmart search box define my concept. And it’s cool!”

It's no surprise that Solanki's concept was a popular one. It's heavily focused on quick access to social networking tools, favorite Web sites, and email -- things productivity-minded users want at their fingertips. See some of his ideas here, then check out Mozilla's Web site

for the whole run-down.

Other winners in Mozilla's Home Tab Design Challenge include:

• Chatree Campiranon and Craig Birchler for Best in Class: Innovation
(for the solution that has the newest / most original interaction model)

• Amine Zafri for Best in Class: Producible
(for the solution that would be the easiest to ship to users immediately)

• Daniel Goodwin for Best in Class: Risk Taker
(for the solution that tests the limits of current thinking)

• Blake Cutler for Best in Class: Utility
(for the solution that has the highest overall utility)

What would your dream home tab look like? Share your ideas in the comments.