Mozilla Toys with Crowdsourcing Ideas for its Browser and Tools

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 27, 2015

Can your ideas make one of the most popular Internet browsers better? Mozilla is considering the possibility. The company is launching a testing initiative next month that will let Firefox users try out possible changes to the browser. The project is called "Idea Town" and basically seeks to crowdsource ideas for browser- and web-centric new concepts.

Mozilla has put up a GitHub page that has much more information, including tips on how you can register to participate.

According to Mozilla's posts:

"Idea town is an opt-in platform for Firefox that facilitates controlled tests of new high-visibility products in the general release channel. Idea town will allow us to make informed & user tested product decisions quickly and without compromising user privacy or experience."

"Idea Town is not intended to replace the trains for the vast majority of features. Rather, it is reserved for those features that require a high degree of fine tuning and user feedback prior to general release." 

The concept for Idea Town falls squarely in line with open source principles. As it stands, developers make most of the design decisions for Mozilla's tools, without a lot of input from users. Idea Town would purportedly level the playing field.

You can get in touch with the folks behind Idea Town, and find out how to participate, here.  Also note that the name Idea Town is likely to change, and there are indications that the Firefox browser itself will offer up prompts for how to participate in the program.