Munich's U-turn, Fedora 27 on Halloween, Back to Linux

by Ostatic Staff - Feb. 11, 2017

In the story that wouldn't die, Munich's Linux reversal is in the news again as the city's administrative committee recommended moving to a uniform Windows-based deployment throughout city government by 2020. Elsewhere, Fedora 27 is scheduled for release on October 31, 2017 and got a new look. Former Linux user Paul Cutler has returned to the fold and Blogger Dedoimedo compared Fedora's Xorg to Wayland.

Munich, Germany is in the news again with more on their exodus from Linux to Windows. The city began the process of migrating city governments to Linux in 2003 and it took approximately 10 years to complete. Not much more than a year later, new government officials decided to return back to Windows due to complaints and compatibility. In 2014 a feasibility report was commissioned. ZDNet's David Meyer today reported that recently completed report recommended creating a "uniform, Windows-based client architecture" by 2020. They're shooting for standardization and compatibility with services such as SAP. Spokepersons said that recommendation doesn't mean Linux will be banned or even completely replaced, but users will have a choice. got a new look today. It's a great new look themed with something called "Aether." It is said to be the latest effort in creating a uniform look across all KDE sites. The new look will be ported to Drupal for use on much of the wider site soon. The Dot announcement said the new look is to reflect its changing direction from a desktop project to a diverse "umbrella organization." Just when I was thinking that explains a lot they said, "The new website reflects this change in direction while still focusing on our flagship Plasma desktop." In other KDE news, OMG!Ubuntu! reported that neon will soon support Snaps.

Paul Cutler, former Open Source developer and GNOME Foundation board member, switched to Mac five years ago. It was sad news but it happens. However, today he bloggged that he's decided to return to Linux. He stated that he loves Apple hardware, the MacOS, and apps but "you will have to do things the way Apple wants you to. But who knows what Apple is tracking as well as the apps you’re using?" He said while Mac is better all over the place, "I’ll know my computing experience is secure and private." Well, welcome back, I, um, guess.

And finally today, Micheal Larabel today reported that Fedora 27 is tentatively scheduled for Halloween, October 31, 2017. He also said that an alpha is hoped for around August 22 and a beta on September 26. In related news, Larabel said GNOME 3.24 has been approved for Fedora 26.

Update: Oh, almost forgot: Dedoimedo said Wayland Still Has a Way to Go