Mythbuntu Quits, Xubuntu Fresh Air, Stretch Preview

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 08, 2016

Today in Linux news, upcoming Debian 9.0 got a bit of a test run by blogger FreewheelinFrank who liked what he saw. Elsewhere, Dedoimedo said Xubuntu 16.10 is "a breath of fresh air" and the Mythbuntu project is no more. Canonical released Yakkety Yak animal arkwork in a single handy download, if the link just worked and Linux Foundation web software told FOSS Force's Christine Hall to upgrade her Mint to Windows or Mac.

Mythbuntu has called it quits saying it's been a fun ride but it's time to get off the merry-go-round. "Mythbuntu as a separate distribution will cease to exist." According to the post by Thomas Mashos Friday, their development team has dwindled from 10 to two in the last months and years and "there will no longer be an ISO, the mythbuntu-desktop package, nor the Mythbuntu-Control-Centre." MythTV will continue to receive updates, but the easy-to-use distro is now dead.

Mythbuntu's Mashos suggested new installations be accomplished by starting with, perhaps, Xubuntu and adding the PPA repo to install MythTV. So, it's a good thing that Xubuntu is getting positive reviews. Dedoimedo became frustrated that things that didn't work in Ubuntu seemed to work fine in Xubuntu. His point was that type of inconsistency shouldn't be found with two distros so closely related. He commented this shows how "amateurish" desktop Linux is and it's just "atrocious." Nevertheless, most things worked just fine and performance was good too. He still had a few niggles here and there, but overall this is the happiest I've seen Dedoimedo in a while. He gave it an 8/10 saying, "This is a first Ubuntu release worth testing, after a whole year of failures."

FreewheelinFrank test drove upcoming Debian 9 through an update. He tested GNOME on Wayland and commented on some of the application changes. While he found a few small issues with the pre-release he said, " Overall, Stretch seems like it's going to be a big improvement over Jessie for me." Frank said Debian 9 looks like something he could happily live with while version 8 was closer to tolerating.

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