New Bodhi Linux Arrives after Six Months with New Schedule

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 13, 2013

Just when things were looking pretty dull today, I spotted an exciting tidbit of news. Jeff Hoogland announced a new release of Bodhi Linux today, September 12, 2013. It's been six months since 2.3.0 was released and today's announcement addresses that and future plans as well.

This release brings Linux 3.8, Enlightenment 17.4, and Midori 0.5.5. Hoogland added, "As always - our default theme selection is shaken up." Bodhi Linux is available in a 32 bit version featuring a PAE kernel, a 32 bit version with a non-PAE kernel, and a 64 bit version. Downloads are hosted by Sourceforge now, but Hoogland says those applying the regular system updates should already have the equivalent of 2.4.0.

Hoogland also announced a change in the Bodhi Linux release schedule. He said Bodhi will receive three yearly updates starting immediately instead of the previous four and users can expect releases in January, June, and September now. Also for fans, Hoogland said:

Can you believe it is almost the end of 2013 already? That means Bodhi 3.0.0 is less than twelve months away! It will be out sometime in the summer after Ubuntu 14.04 releases.