New Commercial Rolling Linux, Xfce the Best, and More Mint

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 30, 2014

Our top story in tonight's Linux news recap is the announcement of CoreOS, a new commercial Linux distribution. Over at Datamation, Matt Hartley explains why Xfce is the best Linux desktop. Also today, has a short review of GNOME 3.13.3, eWeek has a slideshow of newly released Peppermint 5, and the Mint 17 reviews just keep on coming.

Several outlets covered the announcement of CoreOS today, one leading with its new funding of $8 million and another with the first commercial product; but I didn't really start clicking until said CoreOS "does away with the upgrade cycle." Apparently CoreOS did get a big old VC check to develop and deliver their new commercial rolling-release Linux distribution. They're calling it "OS-as-a-service," but we just call it a rolling-release. CoreOS is going to charge folks $100/month to get updates and new stuff installed automagically as released - never any major upgrades or reinstalls. "The distribution can be updated more easily due to its novel use (teehee) of two partitions," the article says.

Matt Hartley says Xfce is the best Linux desktop because of "its ease of use and repair, and its facility with older systems." He compares Xfce with several other popular desktops a bit before getting into his real reasons. He concludes, "Park any basic Windows users in front of XFCE and in minutes, they'll find their way around. I don't have the same confidence with GNOME and KDE in this area."

Speaking of desktops, testdrove GNOME 3.13.3 and posted today of some of the significant changes since 3.12. Alex Diavatis goes over several adding nice screengrabs and says lots more is coming (both from GNOME and him). So, be sure to check that out.

Mint 17 just keep on grabbing headlines (and blog titles). Today Unsolicited But Offered said Mint 17 is just too boring because it always works so well so there's "no need for a review." He basically said, "Mint is Mint."

Jack M. Germain at said of Mint 17, " Linux Mint 17 is very impressive. The improvements included to numerous core components make upgrading to this latest release a no-brainer. The latest tweaks to each of the supported desktop environments greatly improve user satisfaction."

Another Mint 17 reviewer wrote, "Linux Mint fulfilled my expectations. It is as good a distro I thought it to be. Professional aesthetics, superb functionality, attractive wallpapers and stability - hallmarks of any Linux Mint release is all there in this release."

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