New DE LXQt Released, Linux Drones, and Deploying Linux

by Ostatic Staff - May. 07, 2014

Today in Linux news a new desktop environment saw its first release. A joint effort from the LXDE and Razor-qt clans brings LXQt 0.7.0. In other news, several outlets are covering the US Navy's plans to move drones from Solaris to Linux. And finally today, Jack Germain covers the ins and outs of deploying Linux.

All hail LXQt, a new desktop environment from the makers of LXDE and Razor-qt. covered the release today saying, "It makes sense, as they both share the focus of being lightweight and functional. Today, the fruition of their merger goes public -- LXQt 0.7.0." Brian Fagioli quotes developers saying that KDE deserves a lot of credit for "building the modular KDE Frameworks [that] opened new doors for Qt developers working with desktop libraries." Head on over to Betanews for links to packages and a screenshot.

The bigger news outside of Linuxville today is the US military's plans to replace Solaris with Linux in their "Vertical Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Air Vehicle (VTUAV) Tactical Control System (TCS), which was designed to help operators fly the Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned helicopter." News broke last Friday on and has been picked up by several popular outlets. The Register said, "Hey, Linux fans: a high-profile, colossal, global outfit is about to dump a proprietary operating system and replace it with Linux in a very, very, demanding application that literally involves life and death situations. Death from above brought to you by the happy, peaceful world of open source." The move is obviously for easier upgrading, customization, and stability, but others are not applauding trusting Open Source with such critical systems. has a few more details and media.

And finally today, Jack Germain at says, "Hiring Tux is a smart move for both small and large businesses. Linux once was considered a hobbyist's operating system, but it has come a long way and now is considered enterprise class. It is considered very stable and secure. Linux can easily be customized, and there is a huge community eager to help out. Those are just some of the reasons to migrate to the Linux desktop." Be sure to check that out.

Today's bonus link is from saying "In the cloud, Linux will win the OS war."