New Debian Theme Brings Lots of "Joy"

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 12, 2012

Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 is definitely on its way. It still may be months and months from release, but another major decision is in the can. We learned recently that the initial freeze has begun and now Wheezy has its theme.

Yes, that's right boys and girls, the theme for the upcoming Debian 7.0 has been selected. The theme, dubbed Joy, "is intended to appeal by being efficient with a light and simple theme." Adrien Aubourg, the artist of the Joy theme, has provided images to be used for the desktop wallpaper, bootloader background, installer, and login screens.

Aubourg wrote the idea was to continue the Debian persona of "being attractive by being efficient" while also adhering to the traditional signature color light blue. "I used a well-known central gradient, but with a carefully chosen blue." He added of the logo, "The Debian Logo has to be shown without any fancy and useless effect. The logo is great, no need to do anything on it."

Debian 7.0 Desktop Wallpaper

See the full set of images and download information on the Debian wiki.