New Document Foundation Committee Members Chosen

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 26, 2012

The Document Foundation Membership Committee administers membership applications and renewals. This is an important job because without them, LibreOffice wouldn't get new contributers. The Document Foundation recently announced the results of the Membership Committee election.

The election resulted in five new members and two deputies. The new members are:

* Sophie Gautier - "is the history of the project, a TDF founder and a pillar of several projects: French localization, QA and certification."

* Fridrich Štrba - "is a SUSE developer, with a passion for hacking filters (Visio and Corel Draw), who speaks a large number of languages including Italian. "

* Eike Rathke - "is a RedHat developer, and a longtime Calc hacker living in Hamburg where he has breathed the OOo code for the last twenty years."

* Cor Nouws - "is a TDF founder and a long time member of the project, active in several projects: Dutch localization, QA and certification."

* Jean Weber - "is the leader of the documentation project, and the representative of the southern emisphere inside the Membership Committee."

The two deputies are Simon Phipps, President of the Open Source Initiative, and Leif Lodahl, a TDF founder who was "instrumental in the first large migration to LibreOffice."

In other LibreOffice news, Italo Vignoli posted of a recent Finnish magazine poll of office suites. He said that LibreOffice got 33% of the vote and OpenOffice received 15%. Microsoft got 40%.